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/ See a pause? No? Neither does basic statistics.
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Early this year, a British tabloid ran a hyperbolic article on climate change, claiming that world leaders had been "duped" by climate data that had been manipulated. It wasn't unusual for the outlet or the article's author to make badly misleading claims about climate research, and our own investigation into the underlying disagreement showed that the piece actually boiled down to a dispute about how best to archive data. These sorts of misrepresentations happen dozens of times a year.

But something unusual did eventually happen as a response to the article in the Mail on Sunday : a UK press watchdog determined that the article breached the Editor's Code of Conduct. Mail on Sunday was subsequently ordered to prominently display the inaccuracies above the article itself.

The judgement was handed down by IPSO, the UK's Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO). It maintains an Editor's Code of Conduct , which sets standards for handling a variety of issues; the one relevant here is the section on accuracy . The Mail on Sunday belongs to IPSO and agrees to be bound by its rulings.

(The Mail on Sunday is an editorially independent sister publication to the higher-profile Daily Mail . While they don't share staff, their outlook is substantially similar, and no distinction is made between the two when articles are posted on the Daily Mail website.)

The article in question was published back in February. It focuses on a paper by NOAA scientists that revised the agency's climate history to reflect updated work on sea surface temperatures. The result was a slight change to the upward trend over the most recent decades. This had the effect of eliminating the statistical significance of an apparent slowdown in the rate of warming around the start of this century.

For those invested in the idea that warming had slowed down, this scientific finding was extraordinarily inconvenient. The list of people who refused to accept the result includes the head of the House Science Committee, Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), who responded by Cheap Low Shipping Free Shipping Extremely X Lazy Oaf Short Sleeve TShirt Blossom Vans Cheap Factory Outlet Buy Cheap Buy Low Price Fee Shipping 9l9vl
and accusing them of fraud . So the scientific results were already the subject of some political controversy.

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Enterprise Issue Organizer

Structure plugin lets you organize JIRA issues into hierarchy. It is a versatile tool that can greatly expand the ways you can use JIRA for Project Management, Requirements Management, QA and Help Desk.

With Structure, you can maintain a big picture of all projects in the company, have common view of the overall progress, build requirements lists and test plans, organize help desk, prioritize backlogs, visualize links between issues or create a personal to-do list.

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Structure Benefits

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Issue hierarchy may have any depth (sub-issues, sub-sub-issues and so on), and contain issues from multiple projects and of any issue type.

A structure may include important tasks and milestones from all projects in the company, and provide overview of the progress for the management — in Jira or in an Excel report.

Whether it's a new employee checklist or a test plan, you can save time and effort by cloning a pre-populated template structure instead of creating all the issues by hand.

When issues are collected into meaningful structures, you can quickly browse them and see the context of each issue.

Track total time spent, total estimation or overall progress — Structure aggregates this information upwards through the hierarchy.

Get a single view of an already existing hierarchical relationships, represented as issue links, sub-tasks or Agile Epic-Story links.

Structure plugin has a well-documented API, allowing integration with your existing infrastructure through additional custom-made Jira add-ons. Extensions like FOOTWEAR Toe post sandals Docksteps Cheap Price Pre Order Cheap Nicekicks Good Selling Cheap Online Outlet Deals Extremely Cheap Price 1ccaVjV
and Structure.Pages are an example of what can be achieved with the API.

Additionally, when the parameter is a block pointer <https://clang.llvm.org/docs/BlockLanguageSpec.html> , the same restriction applies to copies of the block. For example:

OpenCL 2.0 supports the optional qualifier for pointer variable. It informs the compiler that the pointer does not refer to a shared virtual memory region. See OpenCL v2.0 s6.7.2 for details.

Since it is not widely used and has been removed from OpenCL 2.1, it is ignored by Clang.


The mangling of functions with parameters that are annotated with is subject to change. You can get around this by using to explicitly name your functions, thus preserving your ABI; also, non-overloadable C functions with are not mangled.

The pass_object_size(Type) attribute can be placed on function parameters to instruct clang to call __builtin_object_size(param, Type) at each callsite of said function, and implicitly pass the result of this call in as an invisible argument of type size_t directly after the parameter annotated with pass_object_size . Clang will also replace any calls to __builtin_object_size(param, Type) in the function by said implicit parameter.

Example usage:

If successfully evaluating __builtin_object_size(param, Type) at the callsite is not possible, then the “failed” value is passed in. So, using the definition of bzero1 from above, the following code would exit cleanly:

pass_object_size plays a part in overload resolution. If two overload candidates are otherwise equally good, then the overload with one or more parameters with pass_object_size is preferred. This implies that the choice between two identical overloads both with pass_object_size on one or more parameters will always be ambiguous; for this reason, having two such overloads is illegal. For example:

Currently, pass_object_size is a bit restricted in terms of its usage:

This attribute specifies that the variable to which it is attached is intended to have a constant initializer according to the rules of [basic.start.static]. The variable is required to have static or thread storage duration. If the initialization of the variable is not a constant initializer an error will be produced. This attribute may only be used in C++.

Note that in C++03 strict constant expression checking is not done. Instead the attribute reports if Clang can emit the variable as a constant, even if it’s not technically a ‘constant initializer’. This behavior is non-portable.

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